”Nearly every element, guitar, bass, and drums, comes across hard-hitting and heavy, forceful. It's as if, with each song, Heywire is playing for the last time." - Dangerdog.com


HeyWire is a development within a context of Danish bands and musicians aiming for being a real BAND. We firmly believe that the best music is made by dedicated musicians playing together intensely focussing at the same point, the creation of music as a group. Each member contributing with his own musical flavours and skills. Our individual backgrounds is a spice in each dish we deliver for your ears.
Vocal harmonies wrapped in strong riffs is the trademark of HeyWire. We all sing witch makes a strong impression on the listener and makes the sound of HeyWire unique. A great desire to please our own need for hard rock with good melody and a strong lyrical message drives us to create new music all the time aiming to explore the boundaries of our capabilities.

Taz and Jay met through a former vocalist and founded what would eventually become HeyWire. After three bass players sat at a friend’s house spilling his frustrations when the friend suddenly said : “I know the guy for you! He’s just returned from London, he’ll be perfect for you guys!” Jay rang Andy and they connected immediately. A few days later Andy was at the bar incognito at a gig to check out the band’s music. The bartender was wondering about this lonely Viking drinking only coffee all night, only moving when a fight broke out in the middle of the gig. The band fired the bass player and Andy became a part of HeyWire.
HeyWire has worked their way through six lead singers and uncountable auditions over the years. Female and male front men have had their chance to be the voice of a band aiming to take old school back to school and raising the grades on the way. Frustration drove HeyWire to think new and where actually a trio for a short period. Taz commanded the lead vocals to play already scheduled live performances. “Impossible” everyone said, but he did it very convincingly.
When HeyWire found a lead vocalist again, they played a gig supporting Volbeat when they were up and coming. Most of the audience actually came to hear HeyWire. That was the time when keyboards where considered as a new addition to the sound of HeyWire. Advertising didn’t bring anything but it suddenly struck Taz that a friend from a former band would be the perfect guy. Taz and JeeHan had been playing together in a band that had toured with Skagarak a hair metal band from the ‘80s. The drummer from Skagarak happens to be Jay’s cousin.
JeeHan came down, auditioned and fitted the band like a glove. Four months later HeyWire opened for Deep Purple at KB Hallen in Copenhagen DK. HeyWire have supported Deep Purple three times over the years, DIO two times (R.I.P.), Rammstein, Slash, Skunk Anansie and Volbeat, now much more successful.
Another lead vocalist went and finally Andy took on the task of delivering the voice of HeyWire, much encouraged by the rest of the band. It has turned out to be the best constellation EVER! In retrospect the band often, ask themselves why Andy as a lead vocalist had not come to mind before as Andy writes most of the lyrics anyway.



1. Never Blink Again

2. Under the Sun

3. Lean On Me

4. My Way Out

5. Running

6. Could Have Told Me

7. The Lost

8. Love

9. Sould is Gone

10. Scary

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Nearly every element, guitar, bass, and drums, comes across hard-hitting and heavy, forceful. It’s as if, with each song, Heywire is playing for the last time.

Then there’s the keyboards that do everything from mimic an old school Hammond to subtle symphonic moments to flourishes of solos, both elaborate and quirky.

The synths form a large part of Heywire’s sound, giving the guitar leads, also traditional, a deliberate run for the money”

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